.Tuesday, July 08, 2008

HAHA.. ok ok!.. long time since i blogged alrdy! and.. well.. lazy again.. =/.. sry people who check my blog regularly and get the same post.. which is like.. 2 weeks ago? >.<

anyways.. i think i might be deleting this blog .. and mayb making a new one?.. anybody wants ta help? XD..

OK OK!.. well back to writing my testimonial.. =/.. later alligator. XD

{8:36 PM}

.Tuesday, June 10, 2008

OK OK!.. sry people long time since i blogged.. mainly cos of studying.. and i really during rest time.. i lazy to blog...XD

anyways.. so nothin much la.. any SNSD news.. head to nadia.. C: .. haha.. and seriously pissed at the korean fans.. every1 .. the E.L.Fs.. cassies.. Triple S.. Honey.. all!!.. they don't deserve the performance by the artists if they continue behaving that way =/

ya.. so.. thats all i guess.. been rotting at home for 2 weeks.. anymore.. i'll become dust.. haha.. hopefully can go out and study.. some fresh air.. and more peaceful =/.. till next time..

BBYE! =D.. and.. if u read this at like... midnight.. then.. Jaljayo! =DD

{8:02 PM}

.Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well.. just gonna say.. i changed the links.. and ya.. nothing much... XD

Oh.. Missy having O level Bio Practical today!.. i think so.. WELL ADD OIL! =D ..

and.. soo.. i added new links.. changed some... and ya.. =S

Holidays for me are boring.. like study! study! STUDY! =P.. me using the comp now is rather .. crazy and daring of me.. lol! . later get caught sure kena scold like hell =S..

Oh well.. back to studying.. =D.. bbbye! =P

{10:58 AM}

.Wednesday, April 30, 2008

OK!.. long time since i blogged.. and well.. not much happen la.. nothin much that i can think of..

just that.. now its the MYE period!.. sigh.. studying!.. but i guess.. a lil studying didn't kill anythin rite.. XD

soo.. anyways.. exams are killing people.. as always.. and today had SS test.. which i thought was rather easy.. but my frens are all.. saying its hard.. well.. i hate to say its easy.. cos when the results come.. i'm always getting low marks.. -.-

and ya.. so enough about school.. nothin much happens anyways.. XD.. so.. ya.. the SNSD fans.. are in a storm.. XD.. we can't seem to stop thinking about SNSD.. or more broadly.. korean stuff!!

and i.. kinda feel its like a curse.. XD.. but.. rah!.. so hard to resist! .. =S.. anyways!!.. so we're totally SOSHIFIED.. like seriously =S.. whenever we see each other.. its only SNSD that we talk about.. and maybe.. abit of SS due to the test..XD

well.. K-POP rox!.. SNSD ROX! .. HAHAX! =D .. and.. nobody see-s me as a soshi-fied person.. dunno why.. :'( .. i started it u noe! =D... so Nad and Zak.. are my sub-coordinates LOL!

and ya.. so.. uh.. nothin else i guess.. and sorry taggers for not replying.. i've seen what u guys said.. and honestly.. i dunno what i should say back =S.. thus the reason for me not replying at all.. anyways.. i'll link u guys!.. not to worry..

Well.. till next time!.. bbye! ( gotta learn how to say this is korean ) XD

*still in our hearts, turtle man from turtles*

{8:51 PM}

.Sunday, April 20, 2008
speeeecchh day. >.<

Welll.. ytd was speech day.. and yes. i had to conduct.. cos ZAKIAH IS A SLACKER!! :P.. while.. she was *sick* LIES i tell u..!! LIES!...

Well.. conducting ain't fun.. specially for those parades.. can die sia!!.. like.. so stress.. and like.. we only knew o fthe procedure on thursday? like.. 3 days to practice?!.. and worst.. instructors.. telling me different things.. -.- ..

well.. so i did cock up la.. >.<.. but i guess.. not very obvious la.. and even if it was.. it would be the band that seem-ed to have done wrong.. i'm just swinging my hands.. :P

anyways.. so after that.. doing SYF!!.. and.. i gotta say.. the smoke at the start.. was like 3x more than compared to the actual SYF.. which was like.. WOAH!..XD.. and i have to say.. i think it was alot better than the actual day.. only minor cock ups.. but for me.. mistakes abundant. XD..

ya.. so.. it was all good la.. so after that.. took pics.. with 1.7 .. according to level.. all those crap. XD.. and.. well after that.. left early. for tuition.. then.. the rest of the day.. like that lor.. o.o .. now blogging.. and.. ya

.. boring day lies ahead i suppose.. well till here!.. bbye peeps!

~tag replies~

Yvonne : HI! lol. whats ur msn haa.. o.o??

XL : LOLS?! i can't BHB to u.. cos.. then.. you'll say that.. beautiful hot body.. :PPPPP.. but yes. u are BHB! XD

Jessica Z : o.o.. sure sure. XD

Cedric : EH. u gonna die 2molo. NO use saying SRY!! :P

queen0fmusic : lol. :P.. ask me add u on msn.. when u dun gif me ur e-mail. smart SL..XD

Eileen : oh.. thanks for telling me.. XD .. or else i'd have nvr guessed its herr..

{2:03 PM}

.Friday, April 18, 2008
2008 C:

OK.. long time really. =D

Well.. SYF 2008! .. was really fun.. and well.. Gold for BMB.. sigh. but ok la! =D .. at least its still a gold! same colour =S.. and well.. i have to admit that.. i did my best =D.. NO MISTAKES BABY! =D

ok.. enough of SYF.. oh last one.. GOOD JOB DEYI! =D .. grats on getting best display band.. and.. well.. its their very first.. so.. great job again! =D

uh.. ok.. nothin much alrdy.. just apparently.. more people reading my blog.. for.. whatever reason i'm not sure.. XD.. but.. since they read.. then i'll do my part.. and post! =D

OK!.. so.. i'm really really.. addicted to korean songs.. like.. their the best. =D.. their not like english boy-bands.. not westlife.. back streetboys.. all those la.. :P .. THOSE ARE OLDIES MAN! =D.. K-POP is a zillion-gabillion times nicer! =D

hahax.. K-POP FOREVER!! HWAITING!! =D.. SooYoung! ^.^

anyways.. 2molo. speech day.. rah!.. i dun wanna conduct.. seriously.. like wat if i cock up.. -.- ... how embarassing that would be.. like.. AHHH!! .. the whole school would be there... >.<

ahh.. i guess till here.. bbye people! =DD.. till next time.. =S

Oh.. FORGOT!.. ITS JESSICA's BIRTHDAY!!.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ICE PRINCESS! .. XD.. not zakk.. but the real SNSD's jessica. :P.. SNSD HWAITING! XDD

{8:10 PM}

.Friday, April 11, 2008

OK!!.. so 2molo's the big day. no say.

just that. whoever wins.. regardless of award. every1's a winner. lol! =D

well. wish that was true.. but.. u noe.. peers are ass-es. XD.. so.. GO BOWEN MILITARY BAND!.. dun gif up.. and most importantly. QUALITY > QUANTITY REMEMBER THAT


ANYWAYS. so. may the best band win. lol. plx be us LOLS! .. hey.. i'm being honest here.. =D.. OK.. GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN! =D


Many supporters.. friends.. school.. family too.. ahh.. better do good nigel C:

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